Nations nuggets. Symbols of human debasement and servitude.

Well, damn it, it’s way, way past time the issue of institutional racism gets moved to the front of the line. This problem is possibly the greatest impediment to the fact that we are all one species. The demonization of the proverbial other must end.

It is self evident that racism, classisms and sexism is systemic in most cultures around the world and it’s appropriate that any symbol of human denigration, in all of its forms, be removed or contextualized.

The raising level of awareness to this cultural cancer should include a thorough examination and removal of all symbols, iconography and textual reference to the most egregious perpetrator of human suffering, debasement and death humankind will ever know. This fiend is the primitive character known as the god of Abraham. It’s the evil monster who commanded his instrument Moses to command all of humanity with its grizzly, demented and explicitly detailed instructions on its sanctioned outline for institutional slavery.

The damming evidence to these atrocities can be found in every Christian, Muslim, Mormon and Jewish parishes owned properties where the symbols of these inhuman activities are proudly on public display for all to see.

Worse, if that’s possible, this demented deity manifested a scenario where it created a human offspring for the purpose of having it hideously sacrificed so that humanity can atone for imaginary crimes it created.

On a related topic riddle me this: What kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what comes naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever!

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