Nations nuggets.

I find this to be nearly as frustrating to me as an itch I can’t get at. The entire theistic foundational narrative requires a bastardized version of the critical thought process. This methodology isn’t a problem for people that can ignore the dissonance this creates with observable, measurable and repeatable counter narratives. We typically refer to these narratives as scientific consciences/facts. In the same conversation a theist can accept the “Germ Theory of Medicine” and accept the validity of a virgin birth, talking donkeys, demons, prophecy, zombies, witches …… the list goes on and on. This is not a slam on people’s intelligence but on their methodology for differentiating fact from fiction.

It would be quaint if this type of problem solving wasn’t so consequently. How are we going to advance and enhance the human condition when the bulk of the worlds population is walking around with one foot in the Iron Age and reject out of hand information that conflicts with their particular version of a god narrative. In any other context this would be a textbook example of “I know you are but what am I” level of applied deductive reasoning. I prefer calling it “stinkin thinkin”.

Can you identify the pathologies implied in the following questions? What kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what comes naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? forever!

4 thoughts on “Nations nuggets.”

  1. That’s just it…
    There isn’t a mind that demands to be worshipped, except maybe trump.
    Religion …any religion, at root, must be the need to explain some occurrences, especially death that appears, and is in fact, random, a need for tribal group think to feel you belong to something and for many, a need to feel special, chosen and superior.

    Plus it’s so much easier to lay it on someone else, rather than take responsibility for ones own actions and consequences.

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    1. That too, but the answer we were looking for was, Jehovah Complex. Jehovah complex is a related term used in Jungian analysis to describe a neurosis of egotistical self-inflation.


  2. I don’t recall if I’ve ever touched on this here, but with a cute little play on definitions, Christianity has provided a reward system for doing what most people can’t help but do. “The natural man is an enemy to god”. The natural man is actually the believer. Very few can resist belief, now we get salvation for doing what can’t be helped. Then the appeal to faith has stopped the progression of humanity at a weigh station that has never been the destination. Faith is like the train station in the matrix.

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