What’s in a word?

Yes, I’m going to talk about the word theist. You know, they’re those 21st century people who walk around with one foot in the Iron Age. The ones that actually believe a god/gods do in fact exist. They make up at least seven out every ten of us. Much the pity.

So, you say. What’s the problem with the word? Surprise, these supernatural beliefs impact how people/they/them/those individuals perceive their place in the world and this affects how they make decisions. Decisions that are often counter to their own best interests. Theists really don’t seem to care if what they believe is true. They just don’t want to somehow be excluded from that fuzzy notion of an all inclusive dream vacation of a death time. Such a pity.

The evidence for the existence of all god claims are anecdotal, textual or cultural. In almost every culture the label of theist holds a positive connotation and I have a problem with this. How is it that the majority of people hold dear to mysticism, divination, access to the supernatural and are comfortable with the dissonance by evidence confirmed by verifiable observation counter to their beliefs. And yet definitely they will defend the incredible with utter incredulity that all existence could not have happened any other way. Did I mention that the bulk of the worlds population believe in some version of a god belief? Ain’t it a pity.

The effect these beliefs have had on humanities efforts to improve the human condition is equivalent to dropping a proverbial drag sail behind our Clipper Ship of Human Progress. This type of rote/proscribed method used to formulate a worldview has actively retarded “thinking outside the box”. The net effect is the stifling of human progress. It may even contribute to humanities extinction. Now wouldn’t that be a sad, sad pity. So sorry, dummy me, I forgot the top three of the worlds religions are doomsday cults. Extinction is their win win scenario. Now that’s a real pity.

I would like to suggest that the word theist be redefined to be a subcategory of the word primitivist/primitivism/primitive. The definition of which will change to include all people that hold beliefs in anything that cannot be falsified.

Would it be hyperbolic of me to suggest that theists are uncivilized? Probably, but the books that their beliefs are based on certainly are. Also, these texts provide cover for craven behaviors. Isn’t it way past time the meaning of the word reflect a less favorably connotation? They are all primitivist. Such a god damn pity. Just say’n.

While I’m on the subject of theists, isn’t it strange that we elect, almost exclusively, candidates who publicly declare elegance’s to a god first then our country and their religious priority effects every decision they make. There is a problem with having a dual allegiance. Why isn’t this obvious. A truism if you will. It’s a never ending battle keeping theistic stick fingers out of our secular and civil institutions. Their priorities are skewed by their beliefs. The result is their policies will reflect their religious bias. The real kink in the system is that these individuals think this is what you expect in your elected officials, or at least you should.

How would you answer the following?

What kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what comes naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor, FOREVER?

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