Am I An Angry Atheist?

It never occurred to me to consider my emotional reaction to theism until I was accused of being an “angry atheist”. Am I angry when I contemplate the culture of revealed truth, the theists political agenda, the theistic methodology for reasoning, the believers impact on public education (actually all education), theism’s inherent dogma, the sectarianism it propagates, the explicit gender inequality it promotes, it’s condoning of slavery, it’s record of the mass slaughtering of entire people’s or the economics associated with it? Etcetera.

Well, maybe I am. Although, and in no particular order, I experience many other emotional reactions to theism than anger alone.

Frankly, though I’m definitely not immune to anger per say, I find anger, in an intellectual context, to be a visceral more than a reasoned reaction. Honestly, I experience a cluster of other emotions far more frequent than anger.

Here goes.

Many times I find myself feeling deeply disappointed with theistic interpretations of what it means to be human. I frequently experience waves of incredulity sometimes mixed with sorrow at the absurdity of the theistic narrative. On occasion I feel a sense of amusement at their canned apologetics, even when I know none of this is remotely funny. It’s the absurdity of their claims that get to me.

I do find it disturbing that we are living in a time where people still believe with certainty in claims to having foreknowledge of the future gleaned from a collection of books from their cultural antiquity. I’m often bewildered by the propensity of theists to actively promote alternative facts (creationism). I can become contemplative in my consideration of a future constrained by theistic thought. I frequently feel sickened, disgusted and/or revolted by theistic practices like genital mutation of their children. Their nearly universal objectification of women and children is appalling to me.

The notion that the universe was caused by something literally conjuring it into existence is a totally unsatisfying postulation to me. It begs the question, what caused the cause. The proposition exasperates me.

Well then, yes I get angry too when I contemplate on how religion impacts our world. But, truth be told, my most frequent emotional reaction to theistic thought is incredulity. I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT.

Is anger the principal emotion atheists experience when contemplating God and it’s followers or not? Why not ask instead of creating a straw man?

In the spirit of WTF please reflect on this. What kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what comes naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor, FOREVER?

2 thoughts on “Am I An Angry Atheist?”

  1. I just think it’s the good Samaritan’s responsibility to risk the pedestrians sensibilities and point out the person has dog poo on the bottom of persons shoe and is making a mess with every step. I know I’d want to know.


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