With a total lack of credulity ….. The Bible

The simple fact that the god of Abraham has emotional outbursts strongly suggests that the whole narrative is of an imagined construct based on how the authors thought a god would act, talk and prioritize its relationship with its unfinished project. In any other context these writings would be textbook examples of the mythological style of fiction genre. It makes the creator of everything read like a god cartoon.

What strange minds these authors had. The Old Testament is the foundation of the Jewish story. What a pathetic, small minded, ego maniacal, petty deity they created. A total psychopath coupled with terminal narcissism. No wonder the faithful spend so much time on bended knees. My way or the highway. Unconditional love, my flat behind. Just say’n.

Ask yourself, what kind of mind demands to be worshipped for doing what came naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever!

Published by: nationofnope

Ron is a third generation Portland Oregon native. He is a husband, father of three, grandfather of three, Combat veteran (11B-5U), Eagle Scout, past President of Portland Civic Theatre, past member of Portland Active 20/30 club and retired Real Estate Broker. Just your average citizen living a secure retirement with his wife of 44 years and three rescue cats. In recognition of being mistaken as often as correct Ron personifies the monicker “Nationofnope”. Oh ya, and a screaming, raving, hair on fire anti-theist. Any agitation people experience from reading his thoughts is intended to make people question their foundational beliefs.

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