Nations nuggets. I’m ah thinkin.

I’m ah thinkin; It’s the normalcy placed on a god narrative that contributes to how people perceive their reality. From my experiences interacting with religious people they have made a presumptive conclusion on the god question. To them religious belief is, well, natural. It’s considered integral part of being human. On almost every pie chart depicting human life dedicates a slice labeled spirituality or church or faith. The counter point to the god claim is alien and to many it’s unthinkable.

I’m not suggesting religious people are automatons. Never. I’m just pointing out that community norms will influence a person’s thinking. Posturing a notion negating the god claim often elicit a proscribed response. Included in the many countering narratives includes demonic influences. There by giving shelter to their theistic paradigm. It’s the equivalent of putting their fingers in their ears and making noises to avoid hearing an inconvenient truth.

The consequences to this near universal normalcy manifest in the decisions people make about how humanity moves forward with problem solving and priorities. To my mind this only complicates the process toward positive outcomes for our collective future. Theism as a whole acts as a counter to objective conclusions for our natural world. The influence of this is affecting the education of the coming generations of children who are put in a position of dealing with conflicting narratives. It also complicates how people will perceive humanities relationship with the natural world.

There is an economic societal cost to the theistic world view. The religious institutions, in the United States, cost we the tax payers $82.5 billion dollars (Washington Post; Dylan Matthews August 22, 2013). At that time an estimated 600 billion dollars of real estate religious groups owned is also probably low, since it leaves out property besides actual churches, mosques, etc. All this money is gifted by us in the hope of good works for the greater good with absolutely no controls as to how the funds are to be allocated. A fair exchange many would say and there is tangible evidence of community involvement and good works. Unfortunately there is no audit mechanism for monitoring where a penny of those billions of dollars go.

The influences that religious institutions on our elected officials who are themselves theists is only checked by the secular grounding each may have. In all regions of the country there are constant efforts to encroach into the public domain. The pattern is of a concerted effort to subvert the secular order from within in the government by elected officials aligned with religious groups. These are almost exclusively Christians and their goal seems to be to make the United States a “Christian nation”. It’s the migration of the Christian Right to white nationalism that will become the fuel to the fire of violent extremism. Just say’n.

Take a moment to reflect on this. What kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what came naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor. Forever! Nationofnope.

2 thoughts on “Nations nuggets. I’m ah thinkin.”

  1. Oh this is a good post and I agree 100%.
    Being a never religious person, I just can’t get this mindset and I can see it’s growing, which is super dangerous. It’s like staring at a growing brush fire heading your way and not seeing it or comprehending it.

    I have puzzled over why people believe in any religious beliefs for years.
    And seriously, I’ve come to the conclusion that is must be something built into evolution, into the DNA, that must have once long ago, been there for a means of early tribal groups of humanity to stay connected to each other in safety and control in a uncontrollable world.

    But not only has it outlived it’s purpose, it has become dangerous and the ultimate means of total destruction.

    We are now and really have always been, a global community with our one and only place to live, the earth, and it will require a global effort to stave off more wars, climate devastation and growing religious extremism.

    I don’t see this happening.

    The only thing I can conclude is that it is part of evolution to ultimately be a means of human destruction to allow new species, absent man, to evolve into a changed planet and maybe one evolve into a more sane intelligent species.

    A quick example…I was talking with an older lady and she remarked she liked to fly because she knew she was closer to god, as he was up there. She was serious. My thought…was do these people have no concept of our solar system, much less the Milky Way and not even a clue about the vastness of the universe? Just where do they think (?) this heaven with the gold streets and harps is?

    Sorry for the long reply. It just really boggles my mind.

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  2. Indeed a puzzlement. I think that the answer is less complicated. The phrase “garbage in garbage out” may capture the cause. Think about it. The Bible is the foundation for Christianity, the Book of Mormon for that sect, etcetera. I seems clear enough, people believe others religious beliefs to be on par with fiction. The solution is critical thinking skills and a foundation in sceptaeism and a culture where magical thinking is the preview of children. Thanks for response.


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