Well, it’s mentioned in your book a lot.

“May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.” – Psalm 109:9

Sins of the father is a burden their prodigy should not have to acknowledge and are in no way responsible for.

The concept of sin belongs exclusively to faith based cultures. One is required to invoke the supernatural to give context to the notion of sin.

By definition sin is neither a illegal or civil act. It neither injures nor defames anyone. Sin is, in fact, an affront to a deities sensibilities as understood from attributions of a god described in a book.

Please do not misunderstand. Actual malfeasance and felonious behaviors are lumped into the sin concept but it’s the god not society that is the aggrieved party. In some cultures to besmirch or moline a deity carries real consequences. These consequences come in the form of blasphemy laws and there are 71 countries that actually punished blasphemy.

Imaginary crimes do carry punitive and in some cases lethal sentences. This is Human primitivism on display and billions of people believe it to be a natural consequence for offending the sensitivities of their favored version of a god.

By the way, I’m unforgivable. Mathew 12:32-30. It gets worse, I’m a Demon and part of a cabal influenced or directed by the devil. Because I have no way of ruling that out with 💯% certainty my advice is to find an appropriate talisman for protection against critical thinking, I mean demonic influences.

Riddle me this, what kind of mind demands to be worshipped for doing what came naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever!

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