Ooh snap😯

Ya know, if you do enough speed balls ( morphine and meth ) it’ll make you as fucked up as Jehovah. No shit. King of the universe. Lift a car with one hand, easy. Mood swings in a heartbeat. You don’t know whether to stand up or sit down and all you do is talk shit and see imaginary stuff squirreling around. Just like in the Bible. It’s uncanny. Just say’n.

Really, if you can’t poke fun at the holly and sacred…..

Too close to the bone for some. I get it. But damn, most of comedy is rooted in the absurdities of life and I find the notion of believing anything supernatural to be real is absurd. The same thinking applies to the metaphysical realm. Oh, they’re real enough as products of human imagination and not accessible or measurable means conjecture and therefore not credible.

The claim that there is an entity, or something, that is responsible for nature. It, that or whatever requires humans to love and worship itself and failure to do so will result in a ghastly punishment that never ends. Conditional love anyone? People believe some truelly daffy stuff.

For a mind bender there is no definition of what a god is, only claims to its abilities. Prescient, omnipotent, all knowing, all seeing and yet this god requires the use of agents to make known its emotional sensitivities and insecurity pertaining to its pet projects. What a god is boils down to a notion conjured by each individual as a way of making the idea comport to the Bible narrative and sound less absurd.

As described in the Bible (no other tangible evidence exists) reads like a deeply disturbed mind with self esteem, ego and anger issues coupled with episodes of murderous violence, jealous outbursts and a pathological need to be hidden yet practitioners act as though everything is perfectly fine. Then the story morphs and the god employs an avatar to send planet side to mitigate its personally disappointing creation project. Prescient, my pail ass.

The big plan is to “Judas goat” itself to itself to makeup for its disappointment in its relationship with the little blue dot project it put in this great big universe. All to satisfy its unquenchable need for acknowledgment, constant praise, reverence and devotion.

When put that way mental seems spot on. Absurd, preposterous, farcical, delirious and millions of people say they believe it. Heck, that’s just a whiff of the cork in this bottle of first century theistic nectar.

Just say’n.

“Ask yourself, what kind of mind demands to be worshipped for doing what came naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever!


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