The Resurrection Correction.

New findings suggest that the “Jesus crucifixion” was a stunt staged to make up for a undercooked fish feed gone terribly wrong. A family member of one of the criminals being crucified said Jesus was overheard conversing with those he knew in the crowd. The Roman legionnaire, Gyous Russo reported, “Jesus claimed he could see my barracks from his elevated position”.

It’s unclear as to the events following the ghastly stunt but many suspect his disappearance, in new clothes and sandals, a few days later confirms their suspicions. One person familiar with Jesus heard him say he’d be back but doubted it saying “He made a lot of wild claims and convinced many of his poor followers to give him everything they had and that he would take them with him then got up and announced he was going out for a pack of camels for the caravan and he never came back.”

These aren’t difficult concepts.

Would a beneficent mind demand to be worshipped for doing what came naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever!

One thought on “The Resurrection Correction.”

  1. Hello Ron. The more I learn about the meticulous way the Romans kept records and how they did crucifixions, the fact they left the bodies up as a warning to others the whole Jesus death / burial / resurrection story makes no sense. It does seem like a scam done by a con artist. Hugs

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