How to make a liberal an Islamophobe.

I have been islamophobic for most of my adult life. I believe I am justified in being convinced that the second largest religion by population in the world to be a existential threat to the liberal secular democracy’s of the world. I know that there’s a strong push back for this view by most on the left. As I see it, the problem comes from assumptions and ignorance. The assumption is that all faiths are equally benign is prevalent. The ignorance is a straightforward lack of knowledge of what the Islamic texts actually say.

As far a I can tell the folks on the right who self identify as being islamophobic have different reasons and I find those to be abhorrent and bigoted. Muslim folks occupy all demographics and reside in most if not all countries. Islam is not a race of humans. Islam is a set of ideas.

My opposition to the religion is about those ideas. To quote Sam Harris, “Islam is the mother load of bad ideas”. To truly appreciate what drives my opposition are the ideas codified in Islam’s religious texts and one only needs to read them to appreciate my concerns. To be fair I do not expect people to read these books. You can pull up passages on the web to get an inkling of what I’m talking about. However there is a more interactive way to expose yourself to the Islamic world. I urge anyone who disagrees with my position, or is interested in knowing more, to visit the website for Ex Muslims of North America and watch for yourself the reasons given by these brave people, who at great risk to themselves, express to us why they left Islam.

Conversation is the only thing we have to make any impact on others belief systems. These conversations, to have any effect, need to be reasoned not accusatory.

Thank you, your liberal friend,


For your consideration.

“Why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor?

Put another way, what kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what came naturally?”



15 thoughts on “How to make a liberal an Islamophobe.”

  1. I run into quite a few Islamic apologists here on WP. They are usually quite reasonable—and deceitful. Never the whole truth. Why? The mother load of bad ideas. Minds hijacked by ideas, indoctrination, and force. Ideas to lie for

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    1. Sorry for the delay, but it I just recalled a passage where it is explicit that lying is encouraged in the defense of Islam. The ramifications of this is more than just troubling. On the other hand I’ll be damned if I can find it to reference.

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      1. Taqiyya is basically the same doctrine as the Bible’s “agree with thine adversary while you are in the way with him lest he esteem you as an enemy”. It’s ok to lie to get in with the gentile, or to protect your life is what it boils down to from my understanding.


  2. Ron, They are all crazy. The believers in the god of Abraham are all suffering from a schizotypal delusion of an eternal soul with the capability of being resurrected. They believe in salvation (from what?) and an eternal existence as a resurrected being! These days the Muslims are making the most noise,but Christians have had their day too. Their story, the Biblical bull crap, of the final battle between good and evil must be scorned, laughed at, belittled, and called out for the stupidity it is. GROG

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    1. Engagement is the hardest part. People get very defensive when the religion is questioned or criticized. It takes an ah ha moment and it takes patience. I’m not very good at being patient but I’m working on it. Thanks for your comment.

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      1. The frontal attack on God, religion, Allah, etc. doesn’t seem to be working. It is all a scam which needs to be revealed, ridiculed and educated out of existence. Believe in a human spirit (we all do) but realize that when we dies, it dies too. GROG

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        1. People can believe what they want. It’s when those beliefs become actions that infringe on the rights of others that their beliefs become problematic. This problem is why I’m Islamophobic and why I want other people to learn more about the tenets of Islam. It is inexcusable to me that liberal politically correctness blinds people to a dogma that is antithetical to liberal democracy. The folks at Ex Muslims of North America can be very helpful in what is a very difficult conversation to have.


          1. Ron, you are exactly correct , it is when those beliefs infringe on the right to life for the whole world. These delusional nut cases, whose ancestors were scammed some 2000 years ago into believing in their physical resurrection, have been awaiting and praying for their own journey back to God. There will be no lasting peace until this delusion of the messianic message is dispelled. China, have you heard, is dong something about it. Re-education centers for older Muslims and factual education for children. GROG


            1. Remember, most theists are born to parents who indoctrinate their children into their religion and they in turn do the same. There is rarely a choice in the matter. It’s a paradigm that forms their reality. People need a reason to question deeply held beliefs. For many an alternate conclusion is unthinkable. For a person to even consider a counter argument reason should dowsed out in nonjudgmental question. There is nothing to replace a good conversation.


  3. Some of the gutsiest and most outspoken atheists are ex-Muslims — people like Salman Rushdie, Ibn Warraq, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They know from direct experience how dangerous Islam is.

    It’s unfortunate that some, like Hirsi Ali, have been driven toward the ideological right despite being basically liberal, because some Western liberals can’t or won’t understand what they’re saying.

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