How do you set the right tone when attempting to rebut the fallacious?

Hey bucko, it’s “Nationofnope”.

Your “no hope” label in your response is an example of deflection/change of subject. It’s a reflexive ploy to shift the narrative. Demean with innuendos, insinuation, implications, double entendres, nod nod, wink wink then it’s straight back to the Bible. Home base? Safe harbor? Blind spot!

The book is the problem. It’s a fictional account of a Bronze Age Jewish cult. Bull droppings from start to finish. I’m not scapegoating the Bible. Books are foundational to all religions. But, I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, am I? You can tell fact from fiction, right? I’m just guessing but would your Bull Dropping’s meter of bogus claims and their handy dandy reference guides include:

1) Islam with their oh so Holy Quran and Hadith.

2) Hinduism has several holy books, but most popular is Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Veda.

3) Buddhism has the Tripitakas. The cause of sore throats?

4) Sikhism is nothing without Guru Granth Sahib.

5) Judaism, has two religious books. The Torah and Talmud aka the Old Testament.

6) Baha’ism, Kitáb-i-Aqdas. I’m just not interested.

7) Confucianism, four texts as containing the central ideas of Confucian thought: two chapters from the Book of Rites, namely, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean; the Analects, and Mencius.

8) Jainism, The Agamas. As if.

9) Shintoism, Kojiki. Actually kinda endearing.

10) Christianity, Book of Mormon, etc. There’s enough of them to make the point.

Continually referencing the Bible speaks to a need for emotional surety. Something to keep you upright and on message. Your a big boy. So buck up and take this like a man.

You have accomplished life by a combination of nature and nurture. By the vagaries of time and place you’re a twenty first century, western educated and a productive man who filters his life experience through a +-3,500 year old what’s what guide to the supernatural.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we. Based entirely on a codex of dubious provenance and something labeled “revelation” (a “who said that?” moment on steroids?), Christian apologist (this would include you) claim to have the means of assessing, codifying, quantifying, classifying and interacting with realms outside of nature.

All this, mind you, seems a tortured attempt to rehabilitate the primitive imaginings of anonymous and unknowable number of Bible narrators/contributors, translators, editors and copiers of stories about what passed for knowledge of the literate class at the mid first through the second century of the common era minus any heretical classical scholarship. A Wiki serial literary project. Each new contribution more fantastical than the last. No ordinary doings. There’s sorcery, necromancy, levitation, soothsaying, assorted feats of magic, teleportation and my personal favorite “transfiguration”. It’s the metamorphosis of a guy into a god. Another presto chango moment in theistic lore.

Now follow the bread crumbs.

Ipso-facto it’s all true because it’s in the Bible. We know the Bible is true because it says so. This is all self evident because of revelation. Revelations are idiosyncratic which adds mystery and allure to a none specific phenomenon. You’ll know a revelation once you’ve experienced one. It literally could be anything. Conformational biases be darned. Apparently there’s no telling, it could be anything like say seeing a cross in the clouds. A, “I just know it in my heart”, kind of thing. Clearly it’s not a branch science yet but imagine how the world would change if only the secularists with their scientists co-conspirators would butt out. Belief in these narratives takes faith I’m told.

Circular from the premise to it’s conclusion.

Thank you for making my point.

“Why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor?

Put another way, what kind of mind demands to be worshipped for doing what came naturally?”



2 thoughts on “Da.”

  1. I enjoyed this post. One thing I have trouble with is second guessing if I am being too hard or strident against religion and its followers. Then I remember the vile bile they pump out against those they disdain, people like me a gay man in a same sex marriage in a relationship that is 28 years and continuing. Then I know I have to be stronger to make my point s clearer. Hugs


    1. Mister nice I’m not. Theist are the least deserving group of civility. It’s not that they’re mistaken, duped or indoctrinated at birth. It’s the childlike acceptance of what passes for truth and knowledge without a cursory examination gives me license to be me. On this subject alone I’m perfectly happy being a foil for any god. Let me tell you about children and sparing of the rod. No, my error, that’s gods line. Hugs back at ya.

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