Angry men with beards and the legacy of monotheism.

The collapse of the Classical World had many fathers. Natural disasters, war, institutional obsolescence played their roles in the terminus of the classical civilizations but Christianity’s impact came with special powers. A Jewish savior cult became the state religion of the Roman Empire. Think caliphate. Oh baby what power was gifted to a fledgling religion. Zealotry with a back stage pass.

Recorded history is replete with church edicts directing their adherence to action. Absolutely nothing was spared. Anything remotely pagan was destroyed. Art, architecture, literature, all visible products of the non Christian culture were fair game. The church employed their thought police, aka their righteous neighbors. People could literally earn piety points for reporting their neighbors peccadillos.

By 520 CE all intelligentsia not Christian were forbidden to teach and most fled their outlawed centers of learning. Only +-1% of all classical literature from BCE have survived the christianification of western civilization. By the mid sixth century it was a fiat accompli. Aka, Christianity’s Triumph. The systematic reset of human progress. Defaced and tagged

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like today, assuming we would have survived to be in the present, if Christianity had completely missed the notice of a certain emperor’s mother’s? What was life like for the average Joe at the height of the dominant culture. Use the common knowledge we’ve accrued about the era as your baseline. Keeping in mind you’re imagining a Joe and not a Jane and certainly not the inconveniences of being enslaved. Those would be a totally different imaginary exercises.

Pointless really. Yet, what if?

Food for thought:

“Why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor?

Put another way, what kind of mind demands to be worshipped for doing what came naturally?” Nationofnope


7 thoughts on “Angry men with beards and the legacy of monotheism.”

  1. As Christianity has been the root of the gradual decline of everything beautiful, I think to answer your question, I just have to go up in the hills and find a spot untouched by religion. It is hard to do, but the world was once beautiful, and under their control it is now in danger. And many areas around the planet are downright disgusting. Pollution and greed take center stage, and fixing it can wait for their savior. For now, cut it, mine it, drill it, and war over the remaining resources till it’s all gone. That will be the legacy of the big 5.

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    1. Hi Mary. All religions are not equal, but all religions are scams of delusional beliefs. The beliefs of the three messianic faiths are problematic. They each believe that they are #1, and they pray and even kill to bring about he end of the world. That is why, I think, you say religion is the root of all evil. GROG


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