God is real and boy what a lousy sense of humor.

This is gonna sting a little.

After years of seemingly unending incredulity it hit me; “GOD” is real, in a metaphysical sort of way. The exciting part is it manifests in the real world constantly. Well, it doesn’t come out of hiding exactly. It’s existence is solely dependent upon and reveled in the thinking and actions of its adherents, aka its flock.

This all mighty is more than just a little creative. It has this thing it will do where it creats a proscriptive reality just for it’s followers to identity, then punish, people for imagined infractions identified in its special book. That’s truly mind blowing and sickeningly impressive. It also does this other stunt that’s so out ah control and apparently does it just for yucks, gets people to make themselves into bombs, walk into crowded places and detonate. Some crazy scary poo, that. A truly gentle, loving Huggie Bear to be sure.

Apparently, this is how it chooses to manifest in the natural world. No, wait, that crafty conniver. Would you believe it? Mr. B. All creates conflict scenarios where each side believes the SUPER SUPREME -O favors their side exclusively. You know, there’s no question, no debate. The fix is in. The best part is old goddy boy is the winner in every conflict. Kinda leaves me breathless.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of constraining this thing. It has any superpower believers think an exalted one should have. One of those powers is to monitor the thoughts and behaviors of all of it’s flock. Ye old SUPREME HOBBYIST, PRIME MOVER and MIND BENDER is also a necromancer. It reanimates the dead and sends them into an existence of permanent servitude or torment depending a believers neuroses. What a fantastical role model to organize a life around. This is some wacko scary world view to raise children to believe.

Some “all mighty” It turned out to be. It required a day off after working only six. Other than wiping out nearly all of humanity and spying on believers it hasn’t worked that much since the good old days. It managed to get outsmarted by a serpent, even though it supposedly knows everything. Things seem to go wrong with ever product it creates. So, like a petulant child, it acts out when frustrated. Again, faulty logic and poor decision making. Instead of making a clean sweep and starten fresh with a new and improved world it inexplicably kept a small clan of the failed batch to do the cleanup and expected a different outcome. So much for omnipotents. Try, try then try again. You can imagine the light bulb going on in it’s head. “I know, Blood sacrifice. That’s the ticket”. Those ungrateful creations of his SUPERIORNESS. So SINIOR CRAFTYNESS craftiness assumes a corporeal form and does a bate and switch. It’s a new and improved self on the one hand, all love and kisses, then in the fine print says all that old crazy stuff still applies. Then, apparently for the effect, commits suicide by cop. All better. Really, what could go wrong?  It’s only human imagination at work after all.

Even when the flock is trying to do good, the deeds come with strings attached. Proselytize! What a freak show. There’s no getting around it, institutionalization warps critical thinking. What else could explain belief in one of the worst stories ever told?

I offer these questions for your consideration.

“Why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Put another way, what kind of dick expects to be worshipped for doing what came naturally?” Nationofnope.


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