What’s in a word?


I thought the meaning of atheism would be obvious even to the meanest understanding. After all the word is descriptive all by itself.

I am mistaken.

The miss understanding has less to do with the meaning or definition of the word “atheism” and more to do with the dichotomy between the persons involved in the god question. People assume atheism is about religion, but it’s not. It’s a political stance more than anything. Many atheists think religion is nothing more than a psychological virus, if they deign to think about it at all. Theist’s have a prescribed world view that tends to vary depending on the sect they associate with. Many Christians believe that a lack of belief in a god constitutes a world view. It does not, in any way, constitute a foundational world view. Much like the disbelief in Zeus or Poseidon don’t constitute world views. Every rational thinking person knows there’s no such things as gods, demons, pixies, fairies, trolls, smurfs, angles, ghosts, saints, nor afterlife. There are no such things as miracles, prophesies, omens, signs, poltergeist nor zombies. What’s to fear; if you step on a crack, you will not cause your mothers back to brake. It’s all one.

The hyphenated word, Anti-theist, is the label some use to describe anyone who thinks the belief in the supernatural is irrational and has a deleterious effect on humanities welfare. I would accept minor variations on this theme for the meaning of the phrase. Many atheists are in active apposition to the propagation of all religion. Irrational beliefs have lead to irrational reasoning and actions resulting in calamity worldwide. By contrast, the happiest, healthiest, safest, people with the highest standards of living are folks who live in countries with the lowest population of religious adherents.

Can I get a witness?


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