What’s it called when beliefs are based on the least probable outcome? Come on, you know this one.

Don’t it look a bit much for a guy 5’6″?

Have you ever had an experience that made your skin crawl?

I took a trip to Guatemala last year to see Maya ruins. I had read books about the Maya and the civilization fascinates me. They were a literate people and had a rich dynamic culture of a great civilization. They were accomplished in mathematics, architecture, engineering, hydrology, agriculture, astronomy, masonry and war. They were literate with a complex stable society. Their religion was in harmony with what they new of the natural world and included human sacrifices.

Standing in front of the massive Maya temples, I imagined bound men being forced up those steep stairs to a gruesome fate and it gave me the willies. The primitive barbarity of the religion is breathtaking and yet they were certain of the efficacy of their world view. The desired outcome from the bloodletting was predicated on random intermittent positive results. It is also the definition of gambling.

Living sacrifice today should be unthinkable. You would hope, but no, every suiside bomber is a human sacrifice, Jesus was a human sacrifice. Granted gods can’t die, at worst he had a bad weekend, but the narrative is clear. The sad fact is that the majority of the worlds people’s worship a god that has committed far more egregious atrocities. This is why the knowledge that a twenty first century person would worship any deity seriously creeps me out.

I offer these questions for your consideration.

“Why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Put another way, what kind of dick expects to be worshipped for doing what came naturally?” Nationofnope.


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