Your Lying Eyes


It should come as no surprise to anyone that humans are capable of not believing their own eyes.

For example, Old Sol appears to rise and set in metronomic regularity. Unless, of course, it states in a 2,000+ year old book, for a time the sun appeared frozen in place.

You know enough about the natural world to reject the existence of Ghouls and Goblins. Yet be fine with the belief in Angels and Saints.

Do you see the problem here?

There are many examples in the book that defy the laws of physics. The “get around” is to always believe the book and not your lying eyes.

I offer these questions for your consideration.

“Why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Put another way, what kind of dick expects to be worshipped for doing what came naturally?” Nationofnope.


Published by: nationofnope

Ron is a third generation Portland Oregon native. He is a husband, father of three adult children, grandfather of two, Combat veteran, Eagle Scout, past President of Portland Civic Theatre, past member of Portland Active 20/30 club and retired Real Estate Broker. Just your average citizen living a secure retirement with his wife of 42 years and five rescue cats. Oh ya and a screaming, raving, hair on fire anti-theist. Any agitation people experience from reading his thoughts is intended to make people question their foundational beliefs.

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