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When Worlds Collide 

img_0047All religious texts were undisputedly written by men. This is why the books are not the perfect words of anything. Food for thought for sure but what about morality? Biblical morality is based on a series of pronouncements that mix edicts and commands reflecting the imagination of the men who wrote them. With little effort a senior high school ethics project could do better. And yet, billions of people view of their world is framed by beliefs based on those same books.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all deeply flawed attempts to explain our world and our place in it. Of the three Islam stands out. It’s the books. Worse than the Old Testament and that’s some creepy shit. Too much? Over the top? I think not. Beliefs do have consequences and the belief in jehad, martyrdom and paradise are a death cocktail liberally employed by people who identify as Muslim almost daily. This is an undeniable fact. Muslims proudly admit to the carnage and have a fully justifiable expectation that fellow adherents will emulate their actions. They’re the good guys and doing Gods work. How do they know this? It’s legitimized in their holy books. The Muslim fundamentalists are not the problem. The problem is the fundamentals of Islam. They are assured by their Imams and fellows that it is what God expects of them and they will be rewarded amply in whatever imagined afterlife they have in their heads. The rest of humanity are infidels and have it coming. No joke, look it up.

There is a profound reluctance, a taboo if you will, to criticize religion. Especially Islam. The Muslim activist, Maajid Nawaz, described this reluctance as the Voldemort or “he who must not be named” syndrome. This level of turpitude is unmatched in modern versions of Theistic beliefs. It is religions version of living in North Korea. No criticism of Islam by anybody shall be allowed. Maybe you don’t feel threatened by religion. Then tell me why you show up to any international airport 2 hours prior to departure. Could it be you just woke up one day and decided your travel experience would be enhanced by being body scanned and having your shampoo confiscated. No! There’s a group of us that doesn’t seem to play well with others and hasn’t for 1,400 years.

It is unfortunate but it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the tenants of a faith that fosters the behaviors of Islamists in the world today. There is a decided lack of respect for non Muslims by Islam. If you’re not Muslim, you are by definition inferior to all Muslims and an Infidel. It’s in da book. There is polling data available quantifying Muslim attitudes regarding the killing of non combatants in defense of the faith and the percentages of the faithful who believe that the penalty for apostasy, blasphemy, adultery or homosexuality should be as prescribed; death. Keep in mind that most Islamic countries will not allow these polling questions. What your left to sample are mainly Muslims in western countries. If their responses don’t make you suck air and grab your privates you need to take a moral gut check.

What the hell, here goes. [There were 2861 Islamic attacks in 53 countries in which 27616 people were killed and 26143 injured in 2015. In a 30 day period from May 18th to June 17th 2016, there were 212 Islamic attacks in 31 countries, in which 2160 people were killed and 1895 injured. Referenced Wikipedia.] Now, here’s the interesting part. This data doesn’t surprise you at all. A religion of peace? Nonsense. It’s always safe to ask (WWMD) what would Mohammed (pbuh) do? Every Medieval, irrational, abhorrent, violent action a Muslim adherent commits is literally codified in their sacred books authored and/or modeled by Mo himself. The Quran and the Hadith, when viewed through Islamic filters, are crystal clear-ish on all issues that define what it is to be human. No ifs. No ands. No buts. Apparently Allah is a monoglot because to really understand the Quran you need to understand Arabic. Oh ya, here’s an interesting aside. When dealing with infidels (this means you) lying and deceit are not sins. Whatever gets the job done. More than a few Muslims seem determined to bring about a return to a 7th century world. How is a person to know what to think. Governments tell us its not Islam only Islamic extremists are to blame. Really, you’d have to be in total isolation for the past 40yrs. to have missed the connection. You may have noticed, it’s in your face daily. These folks are as serious as a heart attack and they’re telling anyone who’ll listen what’s motivating them to behave the way they do and what they have planned for everyone’s future.

On a daily basis, in Muslim communities everywhere, there are HONOR KILLINGS OF WOMEN, ACID ATTACKS ON WOMEN AND FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. If the macabre is your thing there are PUBLIC BEHEADINGS (INCLUDING IN MECCA for Christ’s sake), PUBLIC FLOGGINGS, SUICIDE BOMBINGS, MURDERS OF ATHEISTS, APOSTATES AND BLASPHEMERS. VIOLENCE OPENLY PREACHED AT MOSQUES AGAINST ANY MUSLIM WHO QUESTIONS ANY OF THESE ATROCITIES. This is nothing short of barbarism. If any of these behaviors were happening anywhere else on Earth, by any other group of people, the outcry would be defining. Our conundrum is that to criticize any religion is taboo. To criticize it from within can result in your imprisonment or worse, your death.

Granted, Christian precepts and practices frequently conflict with efforts to prevent the spread of diseases, prevent unintended pregnancies and contributes to sectarianism world wide. It promotes the persecution of LGBT peoples, rejects medical science in favor of their holy books and promotes views that women are inferior and are required to be subservient to men. Just don’t rock the boat, one must never question nor criticize these faiths. Religion is not benign. Christianity, Judaism, Islam indeed all religions are man made constructs but Islam is lethal and ascending. There, I said it. Why don’t I feel better?

Apparently none of this moves the needle for many people. Consider this. Arguably the followers of Islam are amongst the most devout religious peoples on earth. Their faith defines their lives and culture. Muslim leaders have not been receptive to notions that they may want to modify their doctrine so it might approximate 21st Centuries morals, culture, democratic and legal norms. Islam is in direct conflict with western notions of human rights and jurisprudence. Yes, there are many none observant Muslims in the world. Unfortunately, there might not be a moderate path if you are “just” an “observant” Muslim. Moderate? Most Muslims will have no concept of what you’re talking about. Moderate forsooth. Again, this can’t be emphasized enough, their operating under the belief their interpreting “the perfect word of God” yada, yada. Oh, there are moderate Muslims, of a sort, and they can be found in their thousands in prisons throughout the Muslim world.

There are upwards of fifty countries where sharia law applies impart or in full to Muslims and a few where it applies to everyone. A few Western democracies allow for Sharia law as a parallel legal system. You do remember that the Quran is the perfect word of God. Observe what’s happening with the mass migration, caused by religious/sectarian conflicts, to the secular countries of Europe. Tensions over feelings of being invaded by people’s holding world views that are in direct conflict with their own. The overwhelming majority of migrants are practicing Muslims. A very small number of whom will randomly explode. Understandably the good people of Europe feel under appreciated and ill used. Their guests may rejoice in their rescue but they arrive with an uncompromising certainty that their hosts are infidels whose legal and political systems lack a certain theistic enfaces. It’s all in the book, Aka. “the perfect word of God”.

This does not bode well for Western Civilization. Political correct me all you like. I do not know a single human that is a practicing Muslim. I have no reason to think them to be anything other than normal people’s who believe things on extremely bad to no evidence. The same thing can be said about Christian faith healers and the Christian Scientist Sect. There are few Western educated people who think deeply held beliefs are the ultimate in health care and would never think it acceptable to label a person phobic for suggesting that this practice is dangerous in the extreme. This accusatory attitude is being fueled by a political correctness gone amuck. It is akin to the persecution of whistle blowers and the military’s reactions to sexual misconduct charges by women. We do not have a universal understanding of human rights. The West has much to atone for. Judaea Christians believe in objective values gleaned from their God book. Not appreciably different from the source of Islamic values. What I find particularly disturbing is that anyone would favor primitive Iron Age standards on ethics and morales.

My extremely limited understanding of Islam is that it is a theology, legal and political construct. Christianity went through the Enlightenment and Judaism, who’s books could have been authored by Lucifer himself, had the Haskalah (Jewish enlightenment). They no longer conflate the three. Islam on the other hand is still driving the same chariot it rode in on. The most devout Christian or Jew I know goes to church or synagogue a few days a week and maybe participates in discussion groups now and again. None of them spend any energy debating how to effectively deal with the infidels they’re forced to coexist with. Their holy books say some vary disparaging things about Christians, Jews and Sigma Nu’s. Putting people to the sword was and is a popular option. According to the Quran, Islam will inexorably absorb as many of you as possible then subjugate the rest. Oh yes, while you were protecting the unborn, lobbying for prayer in public schools, planting God in the science curriculum and dictating who can marry whom, due to migration most of Europe will be majority Muslim in approximately one and a half generations. Breath taking ain’t it?

Here’s an interesting factoid. The fine folks at the United Nations, in April of 1999, at the urging of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Pakistan brought before the United Nations Commission on Human Rights a resolution entitled “Defamation of Islam”. The purpose of the resolution was to have the Commission stand up against what the OIC claimed was a campaign to defame Islam. It passed! Our UN ambassador said something to the effect that we’re not going to weaken our right to free speech. Not in the U.S. of A. Don’t get too smug. Our “religious right” supports anti defamation laws. Apparently theocratic government is the Religious rights ideal. Western democracies have been trying to un-shoot their feet every since. You may also be interested in learning the number of people who have been tortured, imprisoned and executed under laws codified under the resolution. I highly recommend further inquiry. Should you be a “live and let live” person who thinks people are mostly the same the world over, a rethink may be in order. You’re behaving like the proverbial Frog being cooked in slowly heating water. The fastest growing religion on the planet may tolerate your world view, for now, but their book has other plans for you and yours.

Ain’t religion just the best human construct ever? It fosters an environment for rational people to believe in claims to knowledge they have no verifiable evidence for. None! The single evidentiary source of said knowledge is a book of ideas that were conceptualized by a Iron Age culture that included monotheistic sect to signify the validity of their social strata. The best part is they didn’t know that the earth wasn’t the center of the known universe, the planet is round not flat and ¾ of Earth was totally unknown to them. This whole rant has been self indulgent and in the end, to miss quote Fox Mulder, people “want to believe” the unbelievable and apparently facts and reason have little to no sway over faith.

1 TheReligionofPeace.com


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